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Equinite® Gems are beautiful, natural gemstones created from horse hoof clippings.  Yes, actual horse hooves.  Like an elegant pearl, Equinite® Gems are 100% organic, with all the beautiful colors and striations present in natural hooves.  When finished, Equinite® Gems sometimes resemble jasper or tiger's eye gemstones.
Equinite® Gems can be made from your very own horse, using the Custom Equinite option.
Gift Certificates are available, and make a great gift for a special someone.

Featured Products

14 Kt. Gold  Horseshoe Chain Slide w .29 ct Diamonds
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Bead Bracelet Dangle - Sterling Horse Shoe w/ 4mm Equinite Gem
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Pelham 14 kt Heavy Gold Ring w/  9mm Equinite Gem
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Sterling Silver 12 mm Round Swirl Prongs Equinite Ring
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Sterling Silver 12mm Equinite Gallery wire Earrings.
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Sterling Silver 4 Leaf Shamrock 4mm Equinite Pendant w/ Chain
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