Horse hoof clippings can smell terrible - does Equinite smell?

No! Once they've been sterilized and processed, Equinite gems have zero smell. Even your dog won't know it's a hoof clipping.

Can I get Equinite gems made from other 'nail' material, such as from my dog or cat?

Unfortunately, there's not enough material in dog or cat nails to create an Equinite gem. However, we have been asked to create jewelry from other mementos, such as teeth. If you have something you want made into jewelry and your local jeweler can't/won't do it, give us a call! 

How long does it take to get Custom Equinite jewelry from my own horse?

Once we receive your order and your hoof clippings, it takes about 3 weeks to complete your order.

What if my horse's hoof clippings are 1/4 inch thick but I want a 12 mm pendant?

No problem! Just choose "Layered Gem" from the options menu when you're ordering, and we can make the larger gems.

How do I know that the gem is really from my own horse?

We take great care in keeping track of the clippings. Custom Equinite items arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity that documents which horse's clippings were used for each item.
Plus, we'll keep your horse's clippings on file, so that you can always order additional pieces later, such as earrings to match a bracelet or pendant necklace.

What if I don't want to order on-line?

Just print the "Custom Order Form" under "Custom Equinite." Write in the code numbers of the item that you want and mail it in with a check for the total.

What it I have problems ordering on-line? 

 You can call us for help at 802-779-2137. We're in the Eastern timezone in the U.S.