What is Equinite

What is Equinite?

equinite001004.jpgIt might look like a newly discovered gemstone, but it's actually made from the trimmings of a horse hoof!

Hoof clippings have been discarded for years by farriers, and are often left behind on the barn aisle floor. Yet when they're sterilized and processed as Equinite gems, the hard, highly-polished 'stones' resemble semiprecious gemstones such as jasper or tiger's eye.

Just as there's a wide variety in the hooves of any horse, the gem colors range from a cream white to a charcoal blackish brown, and some are actually reddish. Each one has its own unique character. Even gems from the same horse can look very different, due to the striations and variations present in the normal horse's hoof.

Some Equinite gems have the same features that are seen in diamonds, such as inclusions and feathers (we call them horse feathers). Once they're set into sterling silver and gold fittings, Equinite gems look like normal jewelry, with a depth and translucence that attract oohs and aahs. 

Unless you tell them, no one will know that the gemstone you're wearing was once a part of a horse.